Jack Buttner,John Buttner

5 min read Jul 10, 2024
Jack Buttner,John Buttner

The Buttner Brothers: A Tale of Two Soccer Players

The name Buttner might not immediately ring a bell for the casual football fan, but it holds a special place in the hearts of Manchester United supporters, and particularly those who witnessed the club's dominance in the early 2010s. This is because the name is associated with two brothers, Jack Buttner and John Buttner, both of whom made their mark on the footballing world, albeit in very different ways.

Jack Buttner: The Flying Dutchman

Jack Buttner, born in 1989, is the more familiar name to football enthusiasts. This Dutch left-back rose to prominence during his time at Manchester United, a club he joined in 2012 after a successful stint with Vitesse Arnhem.

Jack Buttner's Manchester United Career:

  • Debut: Buttner made his debut for United on August 18, 2012, coming on as a substitute against Fulham.
  • The "Buttner Bounce": He quickly became known for his trademark attacking runs and his ability to deliver dangerous crosses, a skill that earned him the nickname "The Buttner Bounce."
  • Key Moments: He scored a memorable goal against Aston Villa, a spectacular volley that showcased his athleticism and technical prowess.
  • Limited Opportunities: While Buttner showed promise, he faced stiff competition from established players like Patrice Evra and struggled to solidify his place in the starting eleven.
  • Departure: After two seasons and 27 appearances, Buttner left United in 2014 to join Dynamo Moscow, marking the end of his short but impactful chapter at Old Trafford.

Post-Manchester United Journey:

Since leaving Manchester United, Buttner has played for several clubs, including Reading, Vitesse Arnhem (again), and Heracles Almelo. His career has been marked by a mix of successes and setbacks, but he continues to play professional football, most recently with FC Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

John Buttner: The Family Man

John Buttner, born in 1987, is Jack's elder brother. Unlike his brother, John chose a different path, focusing on coaching rather than playing professionally. He has enjoyed a successful career in youth coaching, nurturing young talent and shaping their development.

John Buttner's Coaching Career:

  • Early Career: John started his coaching journey at Vitesse Arnhem in the youth academy, where his brother Jack had also played.
  • Moving Up the Ranks: He worked his way through the youth ranks, demonstrating a clear passion for developing young players.
  • Current Position: John is currently the Head Coach of the Under-15 team at Vitesse Arnhem, continuing his commitment to nurturing the next generation of footballers.

John's impact on Jack's Career:

Despite choosing different paths, the Buttner brothers have remained close. John's coaching experience undoubtedly influenced Jack's early development, providing him with the foundation and guidance he needed to succeed in his footballing career.

The Legacy of the Buttner Brothers

Although they pursued different paths, the Buttner brothers have both contributed significantly to the world of football. Jack Buttner's speed, skill, and attacking prowess left a lasting impression on Manchester United fans, while John Buttner's dedication to coaching continues to shape the future of the sport. Theirs is a story of sibling rivalry, mutual support, and the enduring passion for the beautiful game.