Marcferri,Putao Tatuado

4 min read Jul 11, 2024
Marcferri,Putao Tatuado

Marcferri: The Enigmatic World of Putao Tatuado

Marcferri, a renowned tattoo artist from Brazil, has carved his name in the world of tattooing through his unique style, Putao Tatuado. This style, characterized by its bold lines, intricate details, and often dark and symbolic imagery, has captivated enthusiasts and artists alike.

What is Putao Tatuado?

Putao Tatuado is more than just a tattoo style; it's a philosophy, a worldview, and a way of life. It draws inspiration from various sources:

  • Traditional Brazilian tattooing: Putao Tatuado borrows heavily from the indigenous traditions of Brazil, incorporating elements of tribal art and symbolism.
  • Japanese tattooing (Irezumi): The bold lines, intricate details, and symbolic nature of Irezumi are evident in Marcferri's work.
  • Surrealism: The unexpected juxtapositions and dreamlike imagery found in surrealism are often reflected in his designs.
  • Occult and esoteric symbolism: Marcferri frequently incorporates symbols related to the occult, mysticism, and esoteric traditions.

Key Characteristics of Putao Tatuado:

  • Bold black lines: Marcferri's work is defined by thick, confident lines that create a strong visual impact.
  • Intricate detail: While his designs are bold, they also showcase an impressive level of intricate detail, often incorporating complex patterns and symbolic imagery.
  • Dark and symbolic imagery: Putao Tatuado often explores themes of death, rebirth, transformation, and the mysteries of the universe, using powerful and sometimes unsettling imagery to convey these ideas.
  • Emphasis on storytelling: Marcferri's tattoos are often designed to tell a story, weaving together various elements and symbols to create a unique narrative.

Marcferri's Influence and Legacy:

Marcferri's impact on the tattooing world is undeniable. He has inspired a generation of tattoo artists to explore new styles and embrace the power of symbolism. His work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions, and he continues to be a sought-after artist worldwide.

Case Study: The “Orixás” Series:

One of Marcferri's most notable series is his "Orixás" series, which features intricate tattoos of the Yoruba deities known as Orixás. These tattoos are characterized by their bold black outlines, meticulous detail, and powerful symbolism. Each Orixá is depicted with unique attributes and symbolism, representing their specific characteristics and powers. This series demonstrates Marcferri's mastery of both traditional Brazilian symbolism and the technical aspects of tattooing.


Marcferri's Putao Tatuado is a unique and powerful style that has left an indelible mark on the world of tattooing. His work combines traditional influences with modern aesthetics, creating captivating and often thought-provoking pieces that transcend mere decoration. As Marcferri continues to push boundaries and innovate, his style is sure to continue evolving and inspiring new generations of artists.